Lab Back 11 Pillow

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الماركة: Technogel

• Soft, washable cover inside.
• Enhanced breathability
• Head Cradle for Back Sleepers
• Medical grade non-toxic gel Hypo-allergenic
• Enjoyable cool feeling thanks to thermal regulation of Technogel®
• Elevated Side Lofts
• 2 Sizes So You Get the Right Fit
• Height: 11 cm
• Made in Italy
• Size: 66cm x 41cm


Designed to help you sleep comfortably on your back throughout the night, the Technogel Sleeping Lab Collection Back Pillow offers cool, cushioned support for healthy neck and spinal alignment.
Technogel’s patented medical-grade gel is molded seamlessly to a memory foam base in an ergonomic shape that features a head cradle centered in between elevated side lofts to help keep your head snuggly in place. Choose from two different heights to get a pillow that feels custom-made for you.

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