Standing Mate

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الماركة: Technogel

• Non-slip base & beveled edge
• Anti-Fatigue Gel Mat
• Ergonomic design
• Hygienic, Easy to Clean
• Tested for Durability
• Size: 90×50 cm
• Superior pressure relief of patented non-toxic Technogel®
• Made in Italy


Our feet are our foundation: they get us going, help us reach new heights, and keep us grounded. From the moment we step out of the bath to get ready for the day, powering behind the desk, sharing meals with family, and tooling in the garage—even when we are stopped in one place, we are still busy achieving something.

And while you are up taking action, the Technogel Living Standing Mate gel floor mat is there to help make life better on your feet. Enjoy the benefits of standing with the added bonus of cool, comfortable support that provides ergonomic relief for the feet, legs and back. Choose from a range of colors that will complement any setting, so you can really stand out.

Available Colors: Black, Golden Yellow, Walnut Brown, Slate Grey

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black, brown, Gray, yellow


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